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Originally posted by Jay

theres been alot of Porno spamming going on here so be vigilante. Its just some jackass trying piss everybody off. Just report the posts if you see one, they'll get bored eventually.

I'll do my best to report them.

Anyway, this job is looking good. I took the liberty of drawing over your mesh, to help with the ear, the red is how I'd redirect some of the edges the green is the 8 polys I'd use forthe ears and the blue id the kind of shape you want to extrude from, these are purely suggestions from my pov, somebody else may find it useful if you have your own way of doing the ears.

Thank you for taking the time to point that out, it helps. But there are many ways to loop your models, but your way works good, heres an update on the head and ear.
I am creating an illusion.


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