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Thanks very much. I do have one query though. How do I increase the max poly count past 10,000?

I have clicked on the box beside "Poly to subdiv” and dragged the "maximum base mesh faces" slider to the top which is 10,000. I have also tried typing a number in, yet nothing happens. Is there some other option box that I need to open?

If you know any solution it would be appreciated greatly, thanks.

subdivCreateCallback OptionBoxWindow|formLayout86|tabLayout2|formLayout 88|tabLayout3|columnLayout17 1; hideOptionBox;
deleteInternalValence2Verts |polySurface14|polySurfaceShape25;
polyToSubdiv -ap 0 -ch off -aut on -maxPolyCount 100000 -maxEdgesPerVert 32 |polySurface14|polySurfaceShape25;
if (`window -exists OptionBoxWindow`) deleteUI -window OptionBoxWindow;
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