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extract tool.
Hi all,
I originally posted this in the modeling section but got no responses, so I thought I'd try here.. if this is the wrong place please forgive me.. but I'm stuck..
I'm working through a book for Maya. I'm at a point where I have a full body geometry, I want to select the faces of the hips and legs of the model, and I am supposed to use the extract tool to make the legs and hips a seperate mesh. I selected the faces, opened the tool, made sure the box is checked " seperate extracted faces" ( to make the extracted faces a new mesh according to help files ), I click extract and get an error messege saying, " No Object matches name:ChipOff1, the model turns from green highlight to white. the lower legs and hips part isnt a different mesh.
If I click on the box to UNCHECK seperate extracted faces, the model shows the manipulation tool, I can go to inputs and change "keep faces together" from off to on, ( making the faces stay together?) but it is too still part of the torso. Any body have an idea what I'm doing wrong here? I can usually figure most everything out as I go, but this one is got me stuck so I thought I'd look for help. Could it be that at one point in the early stages of building the model, the legs and hips were "combined" to make the whole body one mesh? I'm basically just trying to seperate the legs from the body as a totally different mesh. Any and all replies are appreciated.. I have some screen shots available if anyone would like to see, I'll check back.

And yes, I have "keep faces together" checked in tools options.

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