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I realize this is old but did you ever find your answer?

I'm a noob and all I have been doing since I started learning Maya in February is to try to create photorealistic underwater scenes....and gather information on the methods to do so. So I realize there is not a lot of info that is easy to find....

I haven't yet explored volume caustics but...

To simulate a realistic underwater surface, the best method I found was from a rather obscure post by Duncan Brinsmead of Autodesk here:

If you are wanting the light rays...either a foglight or parti volume with an creation expression (ocean1.time = time/2; ) into time has worked ok for me...

It's interesting on your link how it appears his light rays are tied into his ocean movement.

I'd have to think about how to do that in Maya...

If you read this and get anywhere with your scene I would love to hear and or see your results if you are open to sharing them in this thread.
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