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i used to get this all the time back in my newb days. . . .

it turned out that i was having bad geometry in the first place. . . trying to do interactive splits into a N-gon (something with more than 4 faces). ALL the times that i tried doing this interactive-split into a face, it was always not showing up . . and all the times, it was due to that face being an Ngon.

switch to wireframe, turn on vertexs mode and check to see you dont have any floating verts. if so, delete them, switch to object mode, delete history & try again. . . hell i've even had to complete get outa maya & back in in order to do this feature (memory is a bitch huh??)

I've also had to delete the entire face that i'm trying to cut across but cant, and manually append-to-polygon new verts and ultimately new faces. ALWAYS use append-polygon because i've had very negative results with bridging
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