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Hey pal.

I would not approach this project by doing multiple extrudes. This can cause its own issues.

I would do it like:
  • Create a poly cube to match the bottom most corner (bottom right) and get it to the size you want
  • Use multiple extrudes along the base where the window uprights are and continue along until the end
  • Create the uprights with an extrude until you get the desired height
  • Delete those faces at the top of the uprights, they are not needed
  • Duplicate the geometry to create the 1st floor and again for the 2nd and so on...
  • On the last duplicate delete the upright geometry and use the append polygon tool to fill the gaps left
  • Combine the bottom and first level geometry and merge the interconnecting verts, do this for each floor
  • Once done you should have a complete front face, add any required details and texture

Now do as Steve (Gster) suggested and use a lattice to defrom the building.

Chris (formerly R@nSiD)
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