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What are the specs of your machine and what are your mental ray render settings? By the looks of things, white rims are the least of the problems in the hardware rendered image. Hardware renders are capped at a lower quality than the software renderers, they also limited in the effects that can be rendered.
I'm so sorry for replying late. I didn't receive a feedback mail that I had a reply. The specs of my system are:
Hp Pavilion DV6, 500G size, 4gig ram, AMD vision, 2.6GHz processor.

I agree, and the software render is not supposed to show anything close to that annoying faceted render either. I would appreciate a solution to the software and hardware render though I don't want to go into the mental ray-processor/ram-based rendering because, I know my system is NOT any where close to a system one should use for even a less than medium scale animation but, it's the one I can afford for now.

Thank you so much. Hoping to hear more
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