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@Stwert: Im not sure about the poses. I like the idea of one of the creatures taking notice and the way the two would be staring eachother off, more curious than agressive. I like the back left creatures pose, thats part of it walking. I might make the front one less agressive looking (hard cause it naturally has an agressive feel to it) and see what that does. As for the textures on the child, thats all placeholders for now untill i work out what i want

@Honestdom: This works for me atm! I dont really know enough about focal length and stuff to do it that way (Sad as i am a second year photography student... We are yet to cover lenses properly though)

@Elephantinc: I did it just for you

@Tweety: Same, I was thinking about doing my original idea of a smaller cardboard box, or just adding a stickytaped antennae or something. Also it made the child look much younger, which fits with what i want more.

@THX: Im thinking environment more along the lines of the atmosphere and feel of an image, creating an environment of wonder and surreal imagery... (i think that string of words made sence :S )
That said i want to add heaps more detail to the foreground like rocks and stuff. Also I was thinking of having a planet or a moon really big in the background sky to make it seem more otherworldly.


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