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making cable faling - how to avoid the cable intersect it self?
I'm making an elevator cable snap and falling down the shaft.
Now, I extruded a circle curve (cable body) along a straigt curve (cable path), while having construction history on.

I created clusters along the straight curves vetices.
I created little cubes an placed them on exact the same vertices for the straight curve.
I point constrainted the clusters and cubes (one by one).
I spring constrainted the cubes. Again one by one. 1 to 2. 2 to 3. 3 to 4 and so on.

This gives me a row of cubes interconected with springs and each cube again controling the shape of the straight curve.
Which again controls the shape of the extruded circle (the elevator cable).

Now when i translate a cube, it alle works fine the cable start to swing and ocillate.

I now want the cable to fall down. I atach graviti to all the cubes and the fall pulling the curve with them.
It works fine. But on the way down the curve spins around and intersect it self. This doesen't look good. The cable would
have been made out of steel and can not pass throug it self.

I tried to make the extruded circle a passive rigid body, but the deformation of the straight curve (conected to the extruded circle via the construction history) seems to overide the passive ridgid bodys function of not passing through it self.

Have I taken a wrong aproach in order to make the cable?
Any ideas?
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