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having issues with your code NextDesign:)
Alright! New version! This version now displays a progress bar while rendering, which also allows the user to cancel the rendering by pressing the ESC key. It also now has support for frame padding, of which the number can be easily controlled with the nFramePadLength variable. The last change is that it will also render in any selected image format from the render globals, not just iff!

Hope you guys enjoy!

-John Mather
Hey NextDesign. I know this has been up for quite a while now but I'm having problems rendering in maya 2015 sp5 with vray 3.0 for a couple of weeks that my batch render just renders first frame every time. I found this and have been trying to use it. I actually almost works for me. The thing is, when I try to render the framePadding doesn't seem to work because I'm getting the same file overwritten throughout the entire animation. I also get this error:

// Error: //
// Error: Line 0.1: Syntax error //
Saved //KOA/Koa/Projects/WINEPO/Maya_Project/images/Wine_Po_Rev01_V05.0001.exr

I found that if I have ticked the option for "render animation only in batch mode" it won't work. However if I untick that it will aparently render fine and actually save the image the way it's supposed to. The thing is maya crashes every time.

Thank you very much! I know you're probably quite busy.
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