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Objects transform in Batch Render
In the Maya 2017(student edition) software, i am using the Maya Hardware 2.0, because Arnold did not support the "Use background shader", and with my limited experience and time, i cant find another solution to keep using Arnold, so i am now using Maya Hardware 2.0.
Problem is, that when i try to render a single frame using the in-software renderer, everything looks fine. When i then try to do a batch render, the geometry on my little tank, gets all screwed up. It almost looks like some old scaling that was done, which is screwing up. Doing multiple batch renderes to an .avi file, they all come out differently, yet they are all transformed in some way.
This leaves me with either trying to fix this, or manually rendering 375 images out of the in-software renderer, since that works. Any ideas?
Following pictures shows first, the in-software render, and second the batch render. Both are done at frame 1.
Image 1:

Image 2:

I am a newbie, so bare with my quality of work
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