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The Dope sheet will show all of your keyed attibutes for the character. So will the graph editor.

You could attach the root joint of your skeleton to the path that you set up. I'm not infront of Maya right now but I think you select the joint then select the NURBS curve that is going to be your path then click "make path" or something to that affect. I used paths before and they work well. You can speed them up or slow them down by playing with the length of the path and also by adjusting the curve in the graph editor.

You don't really have to use a path if you don't want to. Assuming that your skeleton is animated walking in place then all you have to do is keyframe the translation of the root join from its start position to its end position. If you don't have the thing walk at the proper rate, the feet will appear to be sliding on the floor so pay attention to that. Good luck.
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