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Suggest a Character Rig
I want to give animation a try but I want to start out with something simple. I want to do a single subject talking into a camera or something like that. I don't want to model a person though (mainly cuz I'm a set modeler not a character modeler). Therefore, I'd like to download a free character that is already rigged and ready to animate. I'd love any suggestions on a rig I can use. I don't know much about animation but here's what I want.

1. Character with decent facial rig (but not complicated) since I will be doing lip syncing.
2. Male or female as long as it's human.
3. Character needs to have fingers that can be animated.
4. I don't have unlimited version of maya so I think I need a character that doesn't require ncloth or hair/fur.

Can anyone recommend a free character rig that I can use with as many of the above features as possible?
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