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Re: Maya 7.0 - Ressources at render
thats how maya is.

Originally posted by Pyrus
Hi simplymayers,

Got some important question related to ressources.
Well, important to me, considering that in Maxon Cinema 4D, even during heavy rendering (high sampling, areas shad, GI, caustics, SSS and amb_occl e.g.), I could still work and render in the same time.

My problem in Maya is that, as soon as I start a render, even the lightest possible (soft.render as for MRay), I just can't do anything else than wait rendering's end.
Is that normal in Maya ?

BUT the worst point is yet to come. Considering I would skip track in winamp, for example, as soon as I click the quick launch icon, everything displayed in Maya disappears, well, windows become white with a grey titlebar but everything else vanishes as if Maya only had crashed. When rendering's over, Maya wakes up and I can see the result. Imagine how convenient it is .

I order to see, for example, the calculation of FG tiles, I must do absolutely nothing else. And even in this case, it happens it still disappears. For example when the scene becomes more complex.

I tried also lowering MRay BSP as Memory limit.
But, no way

Hardware is :
- Asus K8V Deluxe
- Athlon64 Clawhammer 3200+
- 1Gb Corsair XMS/XPert CL3
- SATA WDigital Raptor
- ATI 9700 Pro-128 Dual/DVI (with old catalyst 3.11 driver cause it's the most compatible for games)

Well, thanks for any clue regarding the hardware and issues. I love Maya, but really it's giving me hard time with Architecture FG_GI renderings. Ow, last thing, it's same with IPR renderings.

Pleeeeeeeeeeaz Heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp :shakehead
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