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Originally posted by mariosaidvieira
As soon as I convert it to polys, the shading turns out to be a lot less realistic and very flattened and washed out.
Hi mario! Welcome to SM

What you are trying to acheive in Post-terms is called a "Holdout" matte or as Maya calls it, a black hole.

To answer your question, shading shouldn't be of any concern to you, as all you require is the alpha information to get what you want

So, I would suggest saving your scene as another separate Maya file, then convert your object(s) to polys.
Then apply a shader to the object, and apply the Black Hole setting to give you your "Holdout-pass", or black hole matte pass.

Then, simply render-out that pass giving you the matte you require for your normal scene to look correct in post (i.e. compositing)

Does this make sense?

If not, lemme know
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