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Lights turn off in 2nd frame of a batch render!?
Hi guys,

I've had this same problem in a few projects where on the 2nd frame of a batch render a setting will randomly change in the lighting. At least I think it's he lighting. It could be material settings changing randomly that make it look like the lighting has changed....

Anyway, in this example, the lighting disappears on one object from the second frame of a batch render. It doesn't matter where you start the render, the 2nd frame will suddenly have different settings which continue for the rest of the batch render - So it's not keyframing.

There seems to be NO reason for this. The baking in maya is also dodgy so I can't use that to keep the lighting on the object (shocking).

This has happened on different operating systems with different projects and I can't find anyone with an answer...

Anyone here got any help with this one?

Thanks guys!
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