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Real Flow question
Hi everyone.

I have a newbie question.

For my Horror scene in the wip area, I've branched off to experiment with my toolbox floating on the ocean as an exercise.

I have the basic set up done. I'm going to add Real Flow and have a question as it's a bit confusing. Specifically the instal process. Of the various tutorials (not many) Ive found for the process, I am confused with the following...

Is the plug in separate from the RF tool kit? I found a tut that said make sure to have the latest plug in before installing. So question is is this accurate that i need the plug in AND the tool kit from Real Flow, or is there a standard plug in that I just plug in that gives me real flow for the ocean foam and particles?

If either or the latter, can anyone walk me through the intal steps as it reads like Greek.

Thanks a million!

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