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Hey! Thanks for all the input guys, its really appreciated! yeah the child has been bugging me, ive done some stuff here but im not really sure...

Lightings just 2 directional lights and a basic sphere for illumination. The softness is partly blurring in Photoshop and also a fluid container for atmosphere (edited from the Visor)

Got the creatures rigged up before class thismorning tho and im playing around with good poses. I want them to seem scary, dynamic and curious. just for reference, the 'feet' of the creatures could very easily cover the child and box...

Things im happy with!
-The box
-The creatures (minus poses)
-The basic composition
-Lighting (almost)

Going to change the kid, the landscape a little more and just doodle about. Ill have to finish THIS week to cause Uni has started again, should be fun!


EDIT: also the camera is set to IMAX format for those interested. I really like the distorted sence of scale it gives, also looks really good rendered in HD!
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