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Just saying a quick "hello"- I have been interested in 3D for years (have a very good friend who is has been a beta tester for 3DSMAX for as long as I can remember), and after dabbling with various demos and the like, I picked up C4D last year. Logged a few hundred hours in that, and decided a couple months ago to dive in and see how far I could take it. Just finishing up a 4 week "prep course" in Maya over at 3DTI, and will probably take a break after that and spend some time here going through some of the great looking tutorials available. (the apache helicopter has me QUITE intrigued...).

Seems like a great support forum- looking forward to seeing everyone around!

(as far as the "about me" goes, I am a full time musician, so it actually affords me a LOT of time to work on my 3D passion, as my schedule generally only has me out on Fri- Sun. Mon- Thurs are "Maya Days" )
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