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Lee Perkins
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Hello all just noticed this thread and thought I would come introduce myself.
The name is Lee as you can see and I have been modelling for around 3 years, where before that I was a project manager and engineer for around 16 years in the telecomunications industry. I spent 4 years dreaming about changing careers and eventually I just decided to do so(luckily with the backing of the wife). So I spent 2 years at University and pretty much learnt very little, so during my own time I decided to train myself and do untold amount of tutorials.
I still had 2 years left but decided to drop out due to a new job and the fact I felt I could learn a lot more in my current role.
So now with my old job in the past and uni out of the way, I work from home in a job I absolutely love for a Indie games company called Forsaken Studios. Where I have the pleasure of being the Art Director and leading an art team of around 30 talented people in all areas of the industrys pipeline.

Within the next year I am looking to move the family to Texas where our office will be based, its a big move moving away from the UK but thankfully the misses is up for it and so am I.
So anyway thats me and I look forward to getting to know a few of you.


Lee Perkins
Forsaken Studios
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