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have not seen it yet, but i seen a article in a newspaper. some ding dong idiots from california are complaining about the at least 60 appearances of depicting smoking. and it should be rated "R" for that. if that is the case and any movie with smoking makes it automatically restricted, i will only watch those that are warned for smoking.

smoking is bad b/c kids see it and start smoking earlier than kids that don't see smoking in movies. then how about shooting people, speeding/driving like idiots, show pregnant teenagers. maybe we should ban all this. now that i know they don't like the movie for smoking i will have to check it out soon as it comes out on dvd. don't like theaters - you cannot rewatch it w/o repaying for it ...

jay, was wondering about your avatar - isn't that the main character in rango? did you have anything to do with it?

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