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Originally posted by solakali
Oh yea..

Sorry.. that would have been better..

Right now.. this part of the tutorial.. after placing the 2 jpeg files into the sourceimage folder.. I cant go any further.

" 1) The next thing you're going to want to do is create 2 planes. One facing the front view and one facing the side view.

2) Create a material for each of your drawings and assign them to the appropriate plane.

3) Turn the transparency of the materials down to about .5,

4) then assign the 2 planes to a layer.
1. Create some polygon planes, itís as simple as that!

2. Go to your hypershade and create 2 lamberts and set the colors to the files

3. Donít do this, just use X-Ray

4. Create a layer (bottom right of the screen), then select the planes, then right-click, and hit add selection

Iím guessing by your questions that you havenít downloaded the free tuts on this site?

Also, the Help (F1) files will help you a lot.
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