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Yeah give them some proper work to deal with We have a bit of an appeal to make here as we're doing some house cleaning around the forums, and there's a tendency to post everything in the members lounge on the site probably because it gets the most views. Which again is probably because it recieves all the posts This especially goes for the modeling, lighting and mental ray forums where these threads should actually be posted, so please try as far as it's possible to post things in the categories where things belong.

We're moving threads from the members lounge into the correct forums (there's some work btw) so if you notice new members overposting in the "wrong" forum it would be great if you bring this to their attention. The same thing applies to the Maya basics and newbie forum, a lot of the posts here should go to the modeling forum instead so any mods who catch this please move threads to the right place so we can get this in order.

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