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This is a really great car pic, very photo real and it would really impress people on car forums to the max.

The body of the car is perfect in my view has the correct shame and the prefect amount of reflecation in the body maybe some of the other people don't goto car shows much but I can tell you now, you can really get a car to reflect light in real life like this render.

just some minor prolbems though,

the wing isn't right and that's very noticable compared to the rest of the car.

The front lights look ok, but the inside texture could be done a bit bitter I guess, more defined about the indicator light and maybe a bit of a light bulb or a better idea that there's a light in there currently looks ok, but doesn't seem to have the right look though.

Needs a little touch up on the front wheel arch as it's not completely round and I think most people notice this first and can see somethings not quite right.

Also your front seats don't look right as well, but nothing bad about them up to you if you wanted to fix them up more.

Anyway that's all I can see wrong with this, road texture is good for me and is perfect enough for this to me, maybe a strong yellow line at the other side of the car so it comes across as a road better.

All rite that's me.
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