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I am not an expert, but doesn't the workflow normally go the other way? That is create the low poly mesh in maya or zbrush, then subd to a bazillion polys in the sculpting app, then generate the normal map of the high poly sculpt, and then send the normal maps (and the base 0 mesh if you created it in the sculpting app) back to maya?

I have also seen where the sculpt program is used to down rez, by hand painting polys onto the high poly mesh, but I don't recall seeing anything about down rezzing a high poly sculpt inside maya.

But I am not a sculpt modeler so I apologize if I am speaking out of my butt.
He's talking about a real-time mesh. So the high-poly mesh is created in your sculpting app, either by way of a base mesh built in your modeling app or directly in your sculpting app, that is then exported back into your modeling app where a real-time mesh is built around it... this tends to lend better control when a poly limit is present, and also when retopologising directly in triangles. It also allows for better control of silhouette as your polys aren't snapping directly to the high-res mesh, as you have a lot less polys to hold the forms.

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