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explosion collision
for the blast to go around the logo select the explosion particles, shift + select the logo and set them to collide. just a thought really, i rather new to dynamics and particles myself.

but honestly tho, you could probably accomplish the same thing in after effects by having an entire explosion blow forward and haved the logo 'masked' over it so the fire will only show around the letters.

hope that helped. take it easy and good luck.

** for a blast to come outta the water you need to set keys where once the logo reaches the surface you have a set amount of particles emitters, emitting a random number of particles in the positive y direction.

** for the logo to look dripping wet you need to work with fluid containers and vicous fluids. (the kind of stuff they use with lava and ink) and set the logo as the surface with which the fluids interact.

** again i am new to particles and dynamics, but its slowly becoming my passion. so i hoped what i said made some sense and helped.

** question tho? why did you take such a complicated job on?

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