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File Transfer (maya scene), how?
hi everyone, I am working on my project (maya) at home and office, every time when I work on my projects I'll copy it to my flash usb and take it to my office and work on it, later after office same back home and use my usb and work on my Maya scene, but it is all manually and bit hard and difficult for me, every time copy the whole project and past it in to usb and put it back into my hd to work on it,
the problem are
- when I tranfer the file to my office PC all the texture are gray and need to be reload them again(takes long time)
- some time my updates hasn't been transferred correctly.

so I need your help to explain it to me what kind of software do i need to use to transfer/updates/backup the maya project for me easily and automatically without losing/reloading my texture

any transfer software?

please if you know something say something,

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