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Paint effects texture flickering problem.
Hey all,

Im having a problem with my toon line renders. The problem seems to be a depth issue(but Im not positive). I am trying to get light streak effect around my character. I have created a toon line around my character and then attached a paint effects brush to it. I then textured the brush with a fractal and stretched it in the repeat V to give a streak effect around my character. However as my character animates the paint effects seem to randomly flip back and forth, which is causing the texture to flicker. On some frames you see the front of the line and then it flips to see the back of the line. I have tried adjusting my depth bias on the line, I have changed my camera output settings to "closest" and have adjusted my near and far clip planes with no success. Im not sure what else to do.
Can someone please give me an idea on how to solve this issue?

Many Thanks!
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