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Triangulation direction
Hello fellow Maya enthusiast,

I've got a bit of a problem with a polygonal terrain mesh I'm creating, namely when triangulated it tends to look rather distorted on the parts where it's stretched. This has everything to do with the triangulation direction of my faces, as they're exactly in the wrong direction. I have found the "Flip Triangle Edge" function in maya, which is exactly the function I need, only it's incredibly slow. By slow, I mean it's not very usable because I have to manually select every individual triangulate-edge and then apply the function. Imagine a terrain which has 100000 triangles, and I think you can see my problem :headbang:

Here's a model that helps illustrate the problem:

Now, these screens do not show the artefacts that the problem causes with my actual terrain, but it does illustrate the problem well.

So, my question. Is there any way to mass-flip the triangulate direction of a group of faces?

It should be possible with the formerly mentioned "Flip Triangle Edge" function, only selecting every triangulated edge is a nightmare. Perhaps there is a way to select all the triangulate edges after doing a triangulation function on a mesh? Or perhaps some other way to filter out these triangulate-edges? I have not found it, and am really in need for a solution.

Thank you for your time, and I really hope to find some kind of solution or work-around for this silly little problem.

Cheers and have a nice day,
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