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Maya, irregular cluster deformation problem... plz need help
Hello people,
I was looking for a way to rig eyes so that they could blink more naturally and I stumbled on a tutorial that used "Rigid bind" and using "Cluster painting tool". The blinking was perfect but, when I constrained the rigid-bind bone controllers to the neck contoller and I try to move the mesh, the the eye region I attatched to the extra bone deforms in a very funny and frustrating way. (Ahead of the mesh)

Please I need help if there is a work around, I don't want to use the usual skin bind and weight painting because it takes me forever to paint the weight to the desired position. I used rigid bind and cluster weight tool to achieve the desired result in less than 5 mins.

I normalised weights, group controls and constrained it to the neck joint ctrler, still didn't work.

Please help me out and if there is another way to achieve the result easier without using rigid bind, I would really appreciate if anyone would share.

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