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Project number 2: maya human head model
I am going to give a head model another try and see if I can get farther then I did on my multi patch nurbs attempt (see my post on my nurbs human model project of my newphew).

Click the link below to see the nurbs patch modeling project of my newphew I posted in a previous thread. (I stopped before completing this project as I need to develop more basic skills):

For this new project, I am going to try to document my approach in the hopes that folks can chime in on the method I am using and help me to refine the techniques as I stumble along. This project will use a combination of nurbs -> polygon -> subd.

To save space here at SM I'll try to keep the images for this one on my web page. Let me know if this works for you all. My web and html skills are pretty basic so if things are not updating correctly or look odd in any way please give me feedback so I can attempt to correct it.

Part 1 - creating a nurbs radial head shape using profile curves and nurbs surface loft. (click the link below)

Part 2 - will hopefully contain lip, eyelid, and nose and possibly ear development.

Part 3 - converting to polygon and putting all the components back together into a single mesh and cleaning it all up.

Then on to project 3 - another head model but this time I am going to try the subd method from the book - Maya Character Animation by Jea-Jin Choi.

With the basic shapes created from these 2 projects (the head, mouth, nose and ear meshes) I should be able to jump start many future head modeling projects by reusing and reshaping these basic components!

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