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I am pretty happy with the head mass shape and the nose patch.

The mouth patch is okay but I think it will need to be refined when I get more of the surrounding cheek patches in.

The eye patches will need to be redone. At some point I tried to reduce the geometry and refine the mesh and I lost a ton of detail then I overwrote the file, (newbie lession number 1 - backup to seperate file and backup often!).

The patch network is boluxed and that is why I stoped the model at this point. I intend to come back and finish it but I decided to take a detour and learn more about basic maya modelling with polygons and poly proxies and subd's first.

Jumping into a major human nurbs patch modelling project as ones first forray into maya is probably not the best way to go. The initial massing goes really fast in nurbs but adding detailed patches and then then patch network require a lot of work and pre-planning.

I might redo this project in polygon modelling then use the polygon mesh and draw on surface to build the base nurbs network and then complete the nurbs model.

For me I am thinking nurbs (basic massing) -> poly's/poly proxy for roughing in details and bulding a rough nurbs network -> back to nurb's to complete the model, might be a better way to go. This way I will use the poly model as a wrap deformer and as a starting surface to build my nurbs network from.

This has the added bonus of being able to make a very light poly model that I can then dress in some embarrasing outfit and put into one of the first person shooters. Problem is I have not seen any 3d game that your can added your own models AND skins to yet.

Thanks for the comments.

I am learning all the time and maya is a blast!


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