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command line rendering lights problem
hey all,

i posted this in the noob forum, but this seems to be a more advanced problem, so i will try my luck here. i've got a question about command line rendering in dos. it all seems to work just fine for me, except for one thing. as i start rendering, i get a bunch of text and info and amongst other things, it says: "a default light set has been created, modify defaultRenderGlobals.enableDefaultLight to change this behaviour."
so, basically it doesn't render my scene with the lighting i set up myself. i've got a setup with raytracing because i have transparant plastic in my scene. but because of the default lights it creates prior to rendering, everything just turns out opaque and grey.

i tried several things. i dechecked "enable default lights" in the render globals. didn't work. i dechecked it and saved the globals. after that changed preferred setting to the the saved one. didn't work either. i don't really understand what i should do. is there maybe a command i should incorperate in my render command to activate the lighting i setup in my scene (i was thinking of "-edl 0" for "enableDefaultLights no" )?

hope someone can help me out here. thanks very much in advance.

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