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i kinda liked this thread so i thought i would try jump starting it in this new year......i don't believe this has been mentioned anywhere.....i was doing blendshapes for my character...and i finished all the blendshapes for one side..and was a bit lazy and didn't want to redo the other character is asymmetrical...i think most plugins only do's fun doing it the old fashioned's what you do

1) duplicated the original unmodified mesh (and leave them both at exactly the same location)
2) you need to have a mesh where you changed the geometry (for example a closed eye)
3) now you need to change the scale of one of the unmodified meshes in x to -1 (or whichever axis you need to mirror to make it work)
4) select the modified mesh then the scaled -1 mesh and create a blendshape
5) making sure you have the blendshape value set to 0, select the mesh that hasn't been scaled or modied...then select the scaled one and create a wrap deformer (you may need to lower the max distance if your computer bugs)
6) now change the blendshape value to 1 and then delete the history.....and delete the scaled -1 mesh....and u should be left with a mirror image

hopefully someone finds this useful

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