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Zoom camera with image plane attached

I am new to Maya. I have attached an image plane to the camera. My problem is the distance between the camera and the object in my scene is too far. I want to get closer to the object without pushing back the image plane. I understand the image plane is attached to the camera, therefore it should move back when I move the camera, but isn't there a way decrease the distance between the camera and the attached image plane?

Using Depth in the Placement settings does not help. It doesn't change the way the scene looks in camera view or a render.

I could use the Fixed position setting, but I want to use the Attached to camera because that is what we are doing in my class at the moment and I want to follow what we are doing.

Another reason I want attached to camera is I am using the Use Background shader and I don't think I can use that without attaching the image plane to the camera. Isn't that right?

What determines this default distance between the camera and the image plane when they are attached? There must be a way to change that???


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