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This might be of interest:
so basically lazy programming is one of the reasons for the decline of pc games

Well I am a PS man, had them all but stopped before the PS3 came out...@ $750 for it and the fact I use the lappy at work anyway...lappy is good enough...I prefer the PC now tweety...funny you talk about the PC controls...coming from a console the old PS...I HATED the PC to start with...but now I cant bloody use the PS...the kids have ALMOST got me in Mortal Kombat and Tekken because Im a keyboard boy now....LOL, using the PS controller is bloody painful!!!!

TBH I think in 12 months or so the consoles will overtake completely in the graphics side (depending on development...see below) and the prices will drop so low...why would you buy a PC for gaming. I went to Kmart last week and was just having a look and there were SFA PC games on the shelf...maybe 20 at most and half were 6 months old. Turn around to the console area and each brand aisle was 10m long both sides and up the wall as well LOL, so I think PC specific games are well and truly dead...and I think you will find a lot of the newer games are console PC guys are getting left out?? Tweety can you elaborate on this??

hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm PS4???? I did read somewhere in GameArena that console makers werent overly confident in bringing out new consoles for quite a while too...costs too much for development and the returns arent as good as they that space....
Im also a ps fan(mainly cause of god of war) but i love gaming on pc and i think i read somewhere on toms hardware they will probably release the next gen consoles in 2015

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