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All I am trying to say is if you take a model into zbrush and try to bring it back to maya with 8 million polys it will not work you have to map them..........dave
Thanks dave. That model was a different project. I made the model in ZBrush and imported it into maya to keep modelling the mechanical parts. But i experienced that after a while i learned i can't keep modelling with 8M pols.
You are right about what you said. I was curious if i could keep modelling the mechanical parts in maya with the high pol zbrush model active as a ref image on the viewport. But its impossible As a matter of fact the tutorial i watched was getting the zbrush model to xsi and that way he could keep modelling. Since i didnt have time learning a new software like xsi i tried to do it on maya, but i failed
On the other hand, completing a high pol model in zbrush, importing it into maya and using nex plugin to build a new topology works. Ofc, as you said, you need the maps to apply on your new low pol model...
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