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So gutted I was away for the most part of this challenage - looked like fun, but saying that if I read it propally think I could have done something as we did not have to model the objects - missed that little bit of info.

Here is what I think, bear in mind I have not gone though all the W.I.P - just not the time - so comments based on final entries only.

Think honestdom would get my vote for the win here....but great work from others

I love THX`s just think more work was needed blending it in and reflection.

daverave - did not like the look of the robot but apart from that I would say close second - refection need some more work to match the reflections in the water and would have been nice to see some reaction of the water to the pole that I find really hard to see -but nice piece of work.

darecarce was very good - just think you forgot to give the key a reflection as every other object in the pic has one in the table.

murambi - lots of action and shown lots of good work here, but for me the car is too big by about 25% and don`t like the blur lines you got on the skyline and the background.

Acid44 - needed lights on the car - then spot on

eye_grafix - just wished you had a train on those tracks.

Well done to all - see you next challenge - bring it
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