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Originally Posted by ctbram View Post
It does not show up as a "library". You select a mental ray material for instance a mia material and then look at the "presets". There are presets for plastic, metal, chrome, glass, etc..
Thanks ctbram. To be honest I really need to learn more before asking any more questions on this forum. Modeling I have no problem with, I'm used to 3D and meshes, but the rest I do, in Maya. I have no idea how to select a mental ray material. Oh boy, tomorrow I'm off to the book store to see if there's a Maya for dummies book, I need something really simple to get me started with the basics. I've seen a ton of tutorials and they have helped but not enough. So if any of you guys reading this have any suggestions on good books to get me going I'd love to hear. I'm using Autodesk Maya 2010.

Thanks again for all the help.
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