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Rigging very hard to judge and not many know dynamics (me included) - animation should be on the cards but I think a rig would have to be offered.
how is rigging and animation hard to judge? rigging alone perhaps, but you can have crap rigs and good rigs, and more complicated rigs with good skinning just like you can have crap models and such. All you need to do is make a playblast of an animation showing all the things the rig can do.

and how come you don't want to learn dynamics? well at least it sounds like you don't. A dynamics challenge would be exactly that... a challenge. Modeling and texturing is not the be all and end all of maya and this forum. How about some more diversity. sure modeling and texturing are the areas where every beginner will start, but I know there are lots of people on here that would be keen to do dynamics.
I think for someone like yourself (looking for work in the industry) you should be working on many areas of 3D and 2D. A lot of large places will outsource modeling to india/china so having more strings to your bow is pretty advantageous.
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