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how is rigging and animation hard to judge? rigging alone perhaps, but you can have crap rigs and good rigs, and more complicated rigs with good skinning just like you can have crap models and such. All you need to do is make a playblast of an animation showing all the things the rig can do.
I was only referring to the rigging as being hard

and how come you don't want to learn dynamics? well at least it sounds like you don't. A dynamics challenge would be exactly that... a challenge. .
Its not that I don`t want to learn - I just don`t know anything about them - and without knowing anything I would not really want to enter a challenge like that - and I bet a lot of other people would feel the same. Maybe the site will post a free Friday tut on some form of dynamics and then a challenge based on the techniques (making your work your own of course) but I know Mike always looked to get the numbers up in the challenge and tried something like this (I remember dames breaking or something). Jays free tut on putting an item into a photo was perfect timing for the last challenge and I bet it was on purpose, so we will have to see what the site does.

Saying that I have done a lot with fluids lately but nothing to show off just yet.

Animation challenges have hardy had any participation. I think 2 or 3 people entered if I remember correctly, so animation challenges are not a good idea IMO, at least not here.

Gamers challenges are like a dime a dozen now. There's nothing really unique about them anymore.
Again I think its because we were never given a rig to work off - always told to get or make our own - I not sure how many would give it a go - but I think I would. As for the game challenges - who cares what other sites are doing - we not had a low poly one here for ages.

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