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13 entrys curtanly better than the last one (what was it 4).

do you think starting another one so soon is the right thing to do here mike ???

the common thinking on the comps in this thread is that they need advertizment and giving it just 3/4 days is a very short time.

don`t get me wrong I love the challenges and will be entering, but you keep asking us how to help and this solution keeps coming up.

I think putting it off alittle say 2 weeks. this will give us a little break if we need it and time to start to get the word out on the new challenage. CGtalk gives 3 weeks notice usally via email but their challenages last forever so not saying you need that much time as there is a danger of people starting early. just let them know theres something coming.

also is the site merge happening any time soon if so ask there members into our forum (soz only look at the maya one)

again just my ideas - you asked for them
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