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Originally posted by Pony
just wandering, at some point diring your animation are you going to have strings attached to it ?
Well, actually, I also already thought about that. My Pinocchio Interpretation is going to dance to Michael Jacksons "I'm bad" and I guess it'd be pretty cool to start with strings and, during the song, Pino rips the strings of his joints and really starts to get crazy... What do you think about that?

Ah, and I've got a question, hope someone could help me with that!

If I create the UVs and texture Pinocchio in his current poly shape and, for the animation, convert the Polygonal Model to a SubD Model, will Maya trash my textures and the UV layout or will all these things also be converted? I never worked with SubDs in Maya before, so, hope someone could enlighten me! :-)
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