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@ tweetytunes

I hear what your saying in regards to Buzz lightyear. I don't like the actual toy either, but I'd rather see him as the character buzz over a real toy any day, and thats probably what Daveido thought to.

I'm with ya on the gundam as well. There wasn't much thought about presentation, and it didn't help when he added the dog.

The he-man entry needed better lighting IMO, and it would have been cool if there was a pic of castle grey skull in the background to really sell the model.

lastly, I question some of the entries as a "favorite toy". The renders are amazing, but I highly doubt they were favorite toys. It's what this challenge is about, and those few people seemed to miss that point IMO.

@ Ben Hobden

The lego Pirate ship was very interesting, however, the lego water (to me at least ) was more intresting than the ship itself.
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