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I agree with some of the points raised here for sure. There were a few entries that I think went a little too far past the 'toy' image. As for some not being fave toys...granted there might be a few but when you are as old as me and your toys (even the manufacturer) dont exist well I guess you go for what you can. For me..simplicity and nostalgia..otacon trike...daves war elephant. For 'toy' value...josh robosapien, speedy and turtles (loved that one), lightmods RC, puneets he-man, and tweety's Zelda game.

The quality and quanity was amazing...and agree, good to see some new faces around! I think EVERYONE who entered produced GREAT work man, this was truly an inspiring challenge to a lot of you and you ALL stepped up to bat. Well done to all of you! Sorry I didnt finish now! LOL....and I dont think the money in the end was the purpose of you developed into some serious competition but great comradery...a pearler as we say down south.

cheers bullet

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