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@THX: absolutely. I found myself staring at it for a while trying to work out how it was/could have been put together... quite original. And the several shades of blue with white for the peaks was great. Great piece all round for me.

All: Re: the 'favouriteness' of the toy. I agree with Bullet, there could be so many factors as to what makes a favourite toy for someone. Me personally, when I considered entering I wondered what I could make. But I just dont own my fav toys anymore. They are long gone in the bin or at boot sales or wherever, and finding decent ref for them was hard. One of my favourite christmas presents ever was a Super Nintendo, but I didnt fancy that as a modelling excercise. So I think the title 'my favourite toy' is good as a jumping off point for people to take their particular cues could be a very personal thing, and to judge someones entry on whether you believe it is actually their favourite toy could be a little harsh...

my two cents
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