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Default Scroll-Wheel on mouse?

Ok this question might seem trivial but here goes:

I am on a macbook pro and am using a Logitech mouse with a scroll-wheel that CAN act as a middle-mouse button. So far everything about it has worked except the 'button' part of it. When I hold the alt key down and try to drag (not zoom) it only works slightly. What I mean buy that is, it will occasionally work but only after several attempts. Also, the cross-hairs you get when dragging appear for a second only once I've lifted up on the scroll-wheel.

So.. I've tried going into system preferences on the mac and tweaking things and that didnt work. I WANT to try adjusting some features in the driver software but I dont know how to do that on mac... yet. I just got the thing for christmas and am currently making the transition from PC and what not.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!! Im doing the mech-warrior tutorial and am SO anxious, but not being able drag is frustrating me.

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