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uuurrrrgh dont mention the pies, Ive had a skinfull over christmas, and prior to that, our dept went out for christmas lunch, with a load of other VFX supervisors and normal dudes at work and got totally hammered, Me and my supervisor did 3 bottles of wine between us, then after a two hour lunch staggerd back to work, and one of the girls bought 3 big boxes of mince pies with cognac and brandy cream, jesus it was a mean afternoon!! It was then followed by one of my french colleagues pulling a bottle of Urbon whisky and cuban cigars from his draw followed by more pie then the chrsitmas work party...wot a day!!

Anyway the cognac cream got left in the fridge over christmas and promptly split open this week and stunk the entire kitchen out, it was like cats vomit in the fridge all lumpy with a hint of green in there, felt sorry for the runner who had to do his duty and clean it up - hats off to him!!

Look forward to seeing some z work mate, great image!!

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