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obj file format with multiple textures

I have the following problem:

Maya model -> done
Texturing, UV mapping -> done (big house, many objects, the objects were textured separately!, textures are in jpg format)

But there are no lights and shadows at the moment. I need them also. So I decided to add occlusion, global illumination, final gathering and also light to my scenes. But this type of shadowing is adding to the whole model (not to objects, walls, furnitures separately)... Occlusion, FG, GI, shadowing to different pass, saved as TIF format, then make a composition of these different TIF shaders in Photoshop and assign the result to the whole model. The texture is the output, not the input (when I made the texturing, the jpg texture files were my input).

I export the whoel model to OBJ format. There is an obj file, an mtl file, and many jpg files (uv mapping stored in the mtl file).

The question is: how to add this extra shadowing (GI, FG, lights) material (TIF) to the texured model/building? Will this overwrite all the existing textures? Or can I 'multiply' somehow the textures (approx. 100 jpg files) and the shadows (1 TIF file)?

How to continue?

Thanks for the answers...
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