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Ethan Dale
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Setting Up a Project?

So I recently ran into an issue in which all of the textures from my Maya project were missing when I moved the Maya Binary file over to another computer for rendering. I looked around and found that I should've been storing the textures and other items in the proper locations from the very start of beginning my Maya project. The damage has already been done (4 or 5 scenes each with hundreds of objects that I'll have to retexture), but I was mainly wondering, what steps can I take to avoid these issues in the first place? I know how to use the "Set Project" function (I think) and I definitely know how to create a new Maya project through the Project Window. Where should I be storing my textures however? My UV maps that I exported from ZBrush? Relevant OBJ files? There are so many folders in each Maya project that I don't even know where to begin. Thanks in advance!
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